we are expertise in: agriculture and food, mineral and metallurgy, chemichal and petrochemical

Non woven Melt Blown fabric

  • meltblown material melt blown cartridge paper active carbon media nonwoven fabric for filter
  • High quality grinding mesh cloth spiny non – woven fabric
  • Packing Materials pe pp nonwoven non woven fabric

  • High quality 100% bamboo woven spiny non – woven fabric

Non woven SMS fabric for medical mask production

  • Spun-laced nonwoven fabric: used for making wipes, medical gauze, operation clothes and hats, respirators, ointment cloth and other disposable medical cloth
  • Micro-fiber nonwoven fabric: used for wipes, towels, very good for absorbtion
  • PVC/PU nonwovens fabric: used for PU, PVC man-made leather base cloth,industry filter cloth, garments lining, root cloth, pressing base cloth and velvets-planting
  • bamboo fiber nonwoven fabirc: use for making wipes
  • chitosan nonwovens

Face shield for Corona virus (Covid-19)

Protective Face Shield Masks are simple, transparent screens that cover the face and help prevent infectious droplets from entering the eyes, nose and mouth. They are usually worn in conjunction with masks or respirators, blocking splashes and sprays from reaching the face and making it preventing workers from touching their faces.

Face shields are generally not used alone, but in conjunction with other protective equipment and are therefore classified as adjunctive personal protective equipment” .

Face shields are the easiest type of personal protective equipment (PPE) to make. They typically consist of just two parts: a visor that covers the face and which is usually made of plastics such as polycarbonate, propionate, acetate, polyvinyl chloride (PVC), and polyethylene terephthalate glycol (PETG); and a method of holding the visor in place, such as a headband or strap.

Full Body Coverall Personal Safety Virus Protective Clothing

  • Safe civil hospital protection cloth working clothes suit kit full body coverall disposable safety anti virus protective clothing
  • Disposable Isolation Clothing Uniforms Protective Clothing Non-Porous Anti-Dust Ventilation Block infeetion
  • Protective clothes and equipment for healthcare workers to prevent them catching coronavirus and other highly infectious diseases
  • Disposable Chemical Medical Surgical Protective Coverall
  • Wholesale safe Coverall Isolation disposable protective suite medical

N95 Mask Non Woven Fabric BFE 95

Face Masks and Medical Protective Workwear

Blocking bacterial – BFE 94.5% (Nelson Lab, USA)

Softness and comfort – Microfilament structure

Safe in contact with skin (even for infant)

OEKO-TEX Standard 100 certified

ECARF certified

Breathable and lint free

No need for inner layer when making face mask

Medical Face Masks

Surgical Planar Normal Nonwoven Face Masks With Ear Tie

Five layer Three-dimensional Carbon facial Nonwoven Sanitary Masks

Asian Medic Super Soft three-layers Nonwoven Disposable Planar Masks With Ear Tie

Tava Traiding

We are a general trading company based in Iran with many years of experience in the field of foreign trading. We are trading a vast range of products in a lot of different fields as finished products or raw materials.

Our main proficiency is mining and metallurgy, Minerals and Raw materials supplying from the quarries of Iran, As well as the petrochemical products with Iranian origin.Our main mission is to simplifying purchase-from-Iran complexes for any international trader. By this moment proudly we have played our role as the export section of more than fifty Iranian manufacturers in many different fields.




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